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About R House Lettings

Here at R House we aim to make the business of renting property as hassle free as possible for both landlord and tenant. When it comes to the property market, time really is money. With over 15 years of lettings and management experience, we believe our success comes as a result of our total commitment to our customers. Our property portfolio includes everything from student houses to luxury water front apartments.

We do not believe in renting out a property which we have not seen and approved of. We aim to provide quality accommodation for students, professionals and families alike.

At the same time we understand that an empty property is costly and so aim to find tenants as soon as we can. Our policy of no tenant, no fee means that we get paid when we do what we promise. This keeps management costs to a minimum, meaning rent prices are reasonable and tenants can be found quickly.

By keeping our promises and working in the interest of both landlord and tenant, our long term aims are to increase our property portfolio through our existing landlords recommendations, property investors and our outstanding reputation.

If you have any further questions or comments regarding any aspect of R House, please contact us.

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